Through Glamster's partnership with a disruptive Swiss pharma delivery technology partner, we are thrilled to announce that 'CBD 2.0' will be the secret sauce in many of Glamster's face, body and wellness products.

CBD 2.0® is Glamster's proprietary blend of high-performance, hemp-derived CBD, combined with an advanced delivery system for dramatically improving absorption and bio-availability of poorly absorbed ingredients, like phytocannabinoids.

We use “body ready” in describing CBD 2.0® technology because it mimics the natural physiological process of the human body. Most skin and body creams, however pricey, have active ingredients that sit on the skin's surface with poor absorption. CBD 2.0® is designed to be deliver the benefits of CBD more effectively to your face and body. The results are so radical that they are best experienced first hand!

CBD 2.0® is the future of CBD and the next generation in beauty, body and wellness. As consumer demand for bio-enhanced cannabis products continues to grow worldwide, Glamster is supremely positioned to deliver CBD 2.0® in a wide range of patent-protected formulas and applications such as soft gels, solid products, wellness shots, sprays, and much more.